Adams-Fuller Families


The Fuller's, Gordy (Gordon Wesley Fuller) and Cheri (Mary Sue Adams) are good friends of our family, and we share many activities, including family history. Cheri maintains a family website at which has current activities of their family. Their family history is here.

While many of the families represented on this website plodded relentlessly westward, mostly farming, the Adams-Fuller heritage is quite varied. On Cheri's side, the Adams-Hastings-Butler families, we have the chief medical officer of the U.S. Civil Service Commission for many years (Arthur Reginald Butler), an accomplished organist and inventor (Washburne Frederick Hastings), a judge (Frank Butler), and an Army Officer (William Russell Adams).

On Gordy's side, much of the family history was recovered when Gordy and Cheri inaugurated their almost new motor home for a trip back to up-state New York to visit his relatives. They appear to have stayed mostly around Shelby County near the Canadian border, where they engaged in a variety of activities.

Fortunately, Cheri has typed most of the obits and other family history documents into her computer, so it's just a matter of cutting-and-pasting them into this website, which I will do as time permits.

Jim Pearce