Heaton-Haynes Families


Last updated, 2/2003

Our family Heatons are well documented up to about 1940 by Dean Heaton, in a two volume set of books titled "Heatons in America." He takes our ancestors back to England in the mid 1500's. Fortunately, "Aunt Edna" Heaton Bowley took up genealogy and captured the later family history in a 10 page booklet entitled "Heaton and Quinlan Families" published in 1961. Together, these two books leave little for the genealogist to do re the Heatons. A summary of the Heaton clan derived from these books is contained in the History Section of this webpage and the genealogy files.

We can also thank my mother and several other relatives for saving Aunt Edna's rough notes and countless family pictures which I will upload as time permits.

Jim Pearce