The West Coast Lincolns


Last updated, 2/2003

When I got started in genealogy, it was natural to do some work on the "West-Coast Lincolns". My wife is descended from this group, and they meet annually in the Napa Valley at the Lincoln Farm down by the Napa River for the Lincoln Family Picnic. Most of the group are the descendants of George Fennell Lincoln, but any Lincoln descendants of george's grandparents, Nathan and Phebe Lincoln, are welcome.

The genealogy of the West Coast Lincolns, as well as many of their other ancestors is chronicled in the book, "Our Kin, Descendants of Joshua Lincoln and Elizabeth Seekins Lincoln of Taunton, Massachusetts" compiled by William Simpson Lincoln and published by the Olympia News Press in about 1940. I obtained most of information for my Lincoln binder from that book and the documents my wife's family collected.

At one of the Lincoln Family picnics, I brought along my Lincoln binder, and a number of the family members asked me if I would copy the materials for them. With the help of a Lincoln kin in Napa who has access to much of the historical information there, I made about 20 nice booklets with pictures and charts.

Since it's easier that starting over with HTML, I have taken the introduction and history directly from the binder, so the text may occasionally refer to other pages in the binder. I'll try and provide links where that occurs.

Jim Pearce