Wheedler-Gran Families


The jolly couple above are my wife's grandparents on her mother's side, E. Ford Wheeler and Olga Gran Wheeler. The Wheelers are an old New England family, and that is where my wife gets both of her Mayflower ancestors, so it will be fun to load up this page with Mayflower kin.

The Grans came from the Wisconsin area, having emmigrated from Norway in the mid 1800's. I owe a debt to a genealogist in Washington for lots of information on the Gran side of the family, and more recently to Ole Vesthagen of Norway who I found on GenCircles with some mutual family, and we began a correspondence. Ole knows the ancestry of Olga's mother and lives in the vicinity of their homeland in Norway. He has shared much family history including a picture of the house where Cari, Olga's mother, was born.

That will make for a very complete and interesting ancestry of the Wheeler-Gran families and I look forward to getting it all on-line, again, as time permits.

Jim Pearce