Newfarmer-Pace-Farris Families


The whole Newfarmer side of my extended family are actually in-laws, but when my mother first looked at the genealogy binder that I made for her, she said, "where are all the Newfarmers? You left them out! You need to do the Newfarmers." I admitted that my program didn't do much with in-laws, but she was adamant. She had been very fond of Aunt Nelle (Nelle Heaton Newfarmer) and had followed the Newfarmer children through the years. So, Mom Rules, and I made a special file on the Newfarmers for her binder. That was the start of a great new relationship with the Newfarmer, Pace, and Farris families.

My Newfarmer research led me to Shirley Pace Newfarmer, who holds the boxes and folders of family history. Sometime into my project on the Newfarmers, Shirley asked if I could help her organize her Pace information, and that led to the Pace and Farris families, and a whole gang of interesting individuals, not to mention a couple of Pace-Farris researchers who have been incredibly helpful in putting together all these families. Unfortunately, I don't yet have an old Farris picture, but one will be forthcoming soon.

A note on the "Other" or "Indiana" or "Illinois" Newfarmers. There are two known Newfarmer families which are almost certainly connected, however we have not established absolute proof. So, I keep the two lines separated on the charts. The Newfarmer family history contains what information we have on both of these original Newfarmer families.

Jim Pearce